Synchrony 2013-2021, Lorena Mal. Installation View. 

Tsinamekuta - Lisening Session
Marcela Armas

Listening Session

March 6

6:00 pm

The Old Stone House will host a virtual listening session where Marcela Armas will be activating Tsinamekuta, an instrument created for the detection and sound interpretation of the magnetic memory of minerals (specifically pyrrhotite), as well as processes of induction of new magnetic fields on its surface. 

This project was created in dialogue and collaboration with the inhabitants of the region where this mineral exists. In this sense, Tsinamekuta has a ritual approach, repositioning the technological object and the purpose of its use. It is also an ethical consideration of the mineral world as the foundation of life, and a space for reflection on the sense of intention in human contact with nature.

The 20 min listening session will be pre-recorded and will be followed by a live Q&A with the artist, who will be connecting from San Miguel de Allende, México.

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