Synchrony 2013-2021, Lorena Mal. Installation View. 

Household Requiem
Tania Candiani + Rogelio Sosa + Grace Chorale Brooklyn


Tania Candiani + Rogelio Sosa + Grace Chorale Brooklyn

3pm & 4 pm

Join us for the closing performance of the Common Frequencies exhibition. The presented piece was composed in response to the pandemic, and the lives that have been lost since 2020. It brings together the inner and external sounds of the lockdown in a composition about grief and unity.

Household Requiem is a collaboration between Mexican artists Tania Candiani and composer Rogelio Sosa with the Grace Chorale Brooklyn, Jason Asbury, Music Director, to be presented in the framework of the Common Frequencies Exhibition at BioBAT Art Space in Brooklyn. 


SAFETY: All attendants will be required to show proof of vaccination. Masks will be required at all times.