Synchrony 2013-2021, Lorena Mal. Installation View. 

Almost Non-Human feat. Elizabeth Mailing Sid
Interspecifics+Elizabeth Meiling Sid

Virtual Exhibition

Sept 24 - Oct 17

24 hrs

Click to watch the sixth and last video piece of the Almost Non-Human series featuring the story and voice of Elizabeth Mailing Sid.

This piece is the last of series of audiovisual pieces that are the result of a non-human narrative workshop with 6 adolescents with whom we work to speculate on possible cooperative futures from the perspective of different species. The pieces will be on view only for a limited time! 

Each participant developed their own narrative inspired by the fiction and cyberpunk techniques of Donna Haraway and Bruce Sterling respectively.

Following the same speculative fabrication exercise, we set about generating 3D material using scientific and medical databases as a reference to reinterpret that material with our tools and generate a visual environment for each story. The sound design of the pieces responds not only to the rhythm but to the whole and the lyric with which each one developed her story, also serving as an element that accompanies and reinforces the imaginary of each of the participants.